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CENX Platform
makes your network simpler. With CENX 7, service providers can deliver and cost-effectively manage complex, high-value services, such as SD-WAN and vCPE, with the flexibility, performance and scalability hybrid NFV and physical networks require. It offers automated and intelligent network management through guaranteed service quality, lower operational costs and faster issue resolution. CENX empowers your network and service operations teams. The software de-silos, ingests and correlates all your network big data continuously to build a trusted model of the network’s inventory and service topologies, overlays the model with real-time fault and performance analytics and visualizes it all in a single pane of glass.

Features include:

* Comprehensive view of network and services
* End-to-end service assurance
* Closed-loop automation across hybrid networks
* Real-time topology
* Enhanced visualization to improve user experience
* Tier 1 scalability

To learn more about the hyper-scale assurance platform, read our data sheet.

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