ARRIS Access Network Management

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ARRIS Access Network Management

ARRIS Access Network Management products provide end-to-end visibility across the entire service delivery environment, helping to act quickly on virtually any issues that threaten the Customer Experience and prevent problems before they impact the subscriber. The solutions combine powerful software with ARRIS's deep expertise in broadband, video and video service delivery to help service providers unleash the power of data to prevent and solve performance issues. First, we collect key performance information about the network, field service and subscribers, centralizing it and making it available to the organizations and applications that rely on it. We then provide an artificial intelligence platform for deep analytics, helping to unlock key insights about DOCSIS network conditions and service quality, which can help guide sound decisions and prudent investments.

The ARRIS Access Network Management product portfolio includes the following:

* ServAssure Alarm Central automated identification and prioritization of existing and potential service impairments
* ServAssure Advanced - DOCSIS Network Surveillance and Performance Management
* ServAssure NXT the next generation ServAssure platform starts with support for DOCSIS 3.1 networks and devices

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