Enghouse Networks Customer Experience Management

Product Name
Enghouse Networks Customer Experience Management

Enghouse Networks Customer Experience Management delivers comprehensive customer care, identification and management of challenges and streamlined business processes. Our range of applications includes cloud contact center and workforce optimization solutions, customer intelligence and survey management. These solutions can be used internally by the operator or delivered as a service to business customers.

For providers’ business customers, Enghouse Networks provides scalable and proven cloud-based contact center solutions. Shift the focus to intuitive self-service to empower your support team, develop valuable community forums and entrust end-users with real-time visual analytics that are based on real-time mobile usage. The Enghouse Networks data collection technology and services center the voice of the customer at the core of your CX action plan. In addition, audio data mining and recording capabilities can test for customer sentiment and churn indicators, and generate competitive insight.

Features include:

* Customer visual intelligence
* Online business portal
* In-network cloud recording
* Contact center service provider
* Knowledge management
* Survey management

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