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Guavus Marketing Insight

Guavus Marketing Insight is a big data analytics software product module that allows companies to engage with their customers by offering personalized interactions and tailored content in real-time. Through APIs, Marketing Insight ingests and correlates streaming Layer 7 data including http header information, deep packet inspection (DPI) signatures and S1-MME mobile management entity LTE events, with customer demographic information such as average revenue per user (ARPU) range and data plans, for millions of customers per day.

Using AI algorithms, Marketing Insight performs automated, in depth “out-of-the-box” categorization of websites visited and apps used, lending a richness and granularity that far exceeds traditional Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) categorization in the understanding of customers’ behaviors. Natural language processing (NLP) algorithms allow for multi-faceted categorization of the content visited depending on the desired output. Dynamic real-time segments can be created based on particular campaign needs and targeted offered presented in real-time to increase the acceptance rates and improve profitability. Once segment thresholds are reached, user identification information can be pushed to campaign management systems, content management platforms or partners.

Features include:

* Rich, detailed “out-of-the box” prebuilt URL and app classification
* Ad hoc segmentation of customers based on desired campaign
* Detailed audience measurement and footfall analysis
* Correlation of customer location, preferences, apps used, website visited and demographic information in real-time
* Natural language processing algorithms allow for multi-faceted classification of the content visited
* Ease of integration with 3rd party systems, partners or data lakes

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