Blue Planet WAN Automation

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Blue Planet WAN Automation



Blue Planet WAN Automation
provides SDN-based service and network provisioning. The WAN automation reduces the complexity and cost associated with end-to-end service delivery across multi-vendor and multi-layer networks. By leveraging the programmability and abstraction provided by SDN orchestration, Blue Planet enables network operators to deliver traditional network services faster, more efficiently and with greater scale. Blue Planet leverages a technology-independent orchestration engine, model-based architecture and DevOps-style programmability to automate end-to-end service delivery and eliminate manual "step-by-step" provisioning.

Highlights include:

* Vendor-agnostic solution for automating service and network provisioning across multiple physical network layers (L1, L2, L3)
* Abstracted "single-pane-of-glass" breaks down management and technology silos, allowing network operators to orchestrate services from end-to-end
* Significantly reduces manual "step-by-step" provisioning errors, and increases service velocity
* Resource Adapters streamline integration with underlying third-party SDN controllers, EMS/NMS and network elements using a wide array of native protocols
* Open REST API simplify integration with back-office OSS/BSS
* DevOps-style programmability gives network operators greater control, agility and self-sufficiency
* Extensible, multi-domain platform paves the way to innovative services such as bandwidth-on-demand, NFV and Network-as-a-Service

Solution Briefs

Intelligent Automation of Wave Services
Discover how to deploy services across multi-vendor networks at light-speed. The solution is designed to be operationalized quickly, and help customers realize key business outcomes.

WAN Automation Infobrief
Blue Planet achieves multi-vendor WAN automation in a way that is easily maintained, enhanced and extended. The platform orchestrates underlying network resources using Blue Planet components referred to as Resource Adapters (RAs).

Case Study

A Tier 1 Network Operator was dealing with a slow, multi-departmental service provisioning process that took up to two months. Multi-vendor network infrastructure was becoming a barrier to innovation. As a solution, the operator chose Blue Planet orchestration and automation software, resulting in service provisioning times cut from two months to just five minutes. To learn more about the solutions to the operator's problem, read our case study.

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