Accedian SkyLIGHT Director

Product Name
Accedian SkyLIGHT Director

SkyLIGHT Director is a centralized management platform for Accedian network performance elements and modules. It provides FCAPS functionality for Accedian performance elements and modules including the CE, FS, FS 10G, LT, GE, GT, GX, FSX, NE, AT, Classic Actuator/VCX, Nano and Ant. SkyLIGHT Director combines open source platforms with a browser-based user interface to provide a performance management tool. Built around a task automation engine, it can perform network-wide operations for device backups, device commissioning, firmware upgrades and run multiple concurrent service validation tests.

Features include:

* Fault management
* Alarm query
* Configuration management
* Device commissioning
* SkyLIGHT session management
* Performance management
* Service performance RFC-2544 and Y.1564 testing

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