Accuris eAnalytics

Product Name
Accuris eAnalytics

The eAnalytics engine uses data generated by Accuris systems, giving network operators, customer service manager, network administers and others the ability to explore how subscribers are using the network. The module is available to capture and process data from Accuris products such as the eNAC (carrier captive portal), eAAA server and eDGW.

Features include:

* Hadoop-based platform increases capacity and flexibility for data capture and analysis
* Arrange data and views by subscribers, networks, access points, tenants and more
* Real-time and offline processing available for trend analysis
* Simple web-based interface
* Architected to support multi-tenant access
* Pre-defined dashboards, customizable views and fully custom search queries
* Secure tiered access with levels to support different user types
* Fully redundant data collection and storage

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