Altiostar Network Management System

Product Name
Altiostar Network Management System

Altiostar Network Management System has a set of applications for delivering management, configuration, monitoring, optimizing and troubleshooting elements in the network that have been deployed using Altiostar open RAN solutions. The standards compliant system includes 3GPP IRP compliant interfaces for OSS integration and scripting support. With a tiered and modular architecture where client, server and data are separated with well defined interfaces, the software implements a high availability architecture and design that can be used for a large network (10ís of thousands of sectors) in a fully redundant configuration.

Some of the functions that can be implemented include:

* Log collection, rich data analytics and report generation
* Service access automation API and communication frameworks
* Performance and KPI data for the mobile network
* Monitoring and raising alarms for the mobile network
* SON-based optimization of the network

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