MiNID Miniature Programmable Network Interface Device

Product Name
MiNID Miniature Programmable Network Interface Device

A vCPE solution that supports virtualization at the customer edge and in the network for Ethernet and IP services. Includes NFVI, pCPE and MANO for the network edge and includes MiNID, a flexible, CE 2.0-certified NID available as a SFP sleeve or in a standalone enclosure. As a pluggable slim pCPE, it enables virtualization in the cloud or on a server at the customer premises. Instantly upgrades the server or any legacy switch/router with functionalities for enhanced demarcation, performance monitoring and application awareness. Remotely managed via CLI, web interface and SNMP, it features zero-touch provisioning for fast and simple installation and fully programmable, FPGA-based firmware for maximum flexibility. Does not require dedicated training but enables easy download of demarcation and networking capabilities using the RADview D-NFV Orchestrator or other third-party management systems.

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