Fusion Smart Home Control (SHC)

Product Name
Fusion Smart Home Control (SHC)

A software platform designed to facilitate the deployment of smart-home devices and home automation applications by telecommunications carriers and consumer electronics manufacturers.

Provides high scalability and cross-protocol integration with support for hundreds of already available smart devices drivers. In addition, new device drivers can be quickly added as they come to market, independent of which ecosystem they belong to.

Software supports all major communication protocols. A Vx500 multimode communications processor design can add radios through multiple I/O interfaces, such as USB, Ethernet and PCIe.

Tightly integrates with the Candi Cloud solution and can scale for millions of devices across a service provider network. The Candi Controls cloud seamlessly integrates remote access and monitoring, management and provisioning; device orchestration; business intelligence and analytics; and network integrity and maintenance.

Provides powerful encryption of broadband traffic (including IoT) at line rate. All traffic between Fusion SHC and Candi Cloud are encrypted to eliminate eavesdropping. The Candi Cloud provides complete protection of the cloud and its applications and regularly undergoes independent security audits.

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