OptoConnect Custom Optical Enclosures

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OptoConnect Custom Optical Enclosures

To keep up with data bandwidth and density demands, OEMs and end users of advanced network architectures and software-defined networking systems are evolving increasingly complex fiber-optic-based system topologies. Next-generation systems must address interconnect intensive technologies, including wavelength selective switching (WSS), optical path switching, redundancy and software defined networking / network function virtualization (SDN/NFV) automation. The number of fiber ports at ingress and egress points of the equipment sub systems and modules is an enormous challenge to manage.

These enclosures can be an integrated product solution set for customers in addressing connectivity needs. They integrate high-density flexible layout fiber optic circuits that streamline complex fiber mapping in a clean, manageable and fully tested rack-mountable solution. A variety of passive and active fiber optic components can be integrated into the fiber routing, adding increased value and capability to system designers.

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