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Services Node

As a mobile operator managed platform to host virtualized network functions, the Services Node enables the opportunity to move core or cloud-based functions to the edge of the network. The Services Node enables a suite of enterprise services - including analytics, security and policy enforcement, content caching and Mobile PBX/Unified Communications solutions. The Services Node lies at the heart of SpiderCloudís solution, acting as a local control point for the small cell network deployed inside the enterprise. Without the presence of a local control point on an enterprise customerís Ethernet network, a mobile operator cannot effectively coordinate small cells or inter-small cell signaling. Without the presence of a local control point, small cells have to connect back to the mobile operatorís core network-based gateways, slowing down handovers and interference coordination inside buildings. A local control point is essential for Local IP Access (LIPA), also known as local switching and local breakout functionality that enables content caching and access to content-based and localized services.

The Services Node is a Self Organizing Network (SON) manager: it configures and optimizes the small cell E-RAN. When a new small cell is added, it discovers the Services Node. From that point on, the Services Node takes responsibility for providing the Radio Node with its software image and radio configuration. If a Node inside the E-RAN drops off the network, the Services Node adjusts the configuration of neighboring nodes to fill the coverage hole. The Services Node provides the mobile operator with a single point of management for securely provisioning and administering an E-RAN.

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