AiMiR Smart Grid Wireless Mesh NAN

Product Name
AiMiR Smart Grid Wireless Mesh NAN

A ZigBee-standard compliant, field hardened utility network that operates on a license-free 2.4GHz ISM band. It is resistant to disruption or failure because it uses dynamic self-healing, self-discovery functionality. The network adapts to changes in physical and operational business demands and provides continuous interaction between the utility, the consumer and the controllable electrical load.

It allows utilities to take advantage of a wide range of cutting-edge Smart Grid applications, including advanced metering, outage and restoration detection, demand response, innovative tariffs, remote connect and disconnect. Further, it rapidly recovers if failure occurs and can scale to meet rapid or unpredictable demands. The 250 kbps data rate provides ample bandwidth to carry data payloads for a multitude of smart grid functions beyond advanced metering, with built-in flexibility to handle future needs as they arise.

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