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SUSE OpenStack Cloud
is an open source cloud solution, powered by OpenStack and designed to let you deliver the production-ready private cloud you need. SUSE OpenStack Cloud provides an easy to deploy and manageable heterogeneous cloud infrastructure for provisioning your development, test and production workloads in a way that is supportable, compliant and secure. Our support and maintenance along with the tested and supported integration of other SUSE offerings, powered by Ceph and Kubernetes, provide our customers with the flexibility and ease of use they demand.

Features include:

* Widest choice of hypervisor, including KVM, Xen and VMware, along with bare metal provisioning via Ironic, makes it easier to modernize or transition existing workloads
* Broadest hardware certifications, lets you maximize the value of your existing IT infrastructure and investments
* Automated deployment of advanced high availability for critical cloud services and automated data backup and recovery (Freezer) helps you avoid the pain of unplanned downtime
* The fastest to deploy, configure and manage, helping accelerate the delivery of real business benefits.
* Monitor, manage and optimize your OpenStack cloud environment with SUSE OpenStack Cloud Monitoring based on Monasca.

To see what the SUSE OpenStack Cloud can do for companies, watch our case study.

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