ACS Virtualization Adoption Lifecycle Framework (VALF)

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ACS Virtualization Adoption Lifecycle Framework (VALF)

Virtualization Adoption Lifecycle Framework (VALF) leads customers through the steps and components required to successfully integrate and utilize virtualization technology. Helps define the business objectives for adopting virtualization along with TCO/ROI analysis. Executes a broad assessment of the environment, including existing people, processes and technologies to identify potential gaps that will impact adoption. Create a go-forward strategy supported by actionable steps to ensure success.

Consider implementation and support requirements by developing a staffing and training plan. Identify and document functional and non-functional requirements that will shape the design. Create a detailed architectural design and plan for the implementation. Define the virtualization services and publish in the service catalog.

Institute a program portal or other medium for communicating key content, like policy, project status, etc. Start adapting existing operational processes to support the virtualization and cloud infrastructure. Install and configure the solution as specified by the plan and blueprints.

Identify and develop areas to drive more efficiency in the virtual infrastructure based on experiences to this point. Implement means to monitor the usage of resources and harvest capacity through reclamation. Perform financial tracking of usage to rationalize growth while adding continuity and leveraging external clouds.

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