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Aria's Products satisfy the demand for communications, connectivity and content services. Service providers must deliver more and more capacity, within ever-faster timeframes and ensure that service quality is maintained, whatever else might happen on the network.

Software-defined networks (SDN) and virtual network functions (NFV) will increase the options that service providers have, but will still require answers to already-difficult questions:
* What is the best way to utilize resources?
* Where and when should I add capacity?
* Where could I provide the same quality of service but at lower cost?
* How are services affected in the event of a failure?
* What would be the worst case failure in my network and how can I mitigate it?

The need for increased automation means that itís no longer feasible to rely on humans to answer these questions. Thankfully, itís a problem set that artificial intelligence is uniquely suited to addressing.Ariaís capabilities are designed to support providers through progressive improvement in the sophistication and efficiency of their operations. From manual and user-controlled to autonomous, intelligent, software-controlled networks.

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