Nexcom IoT Gateway

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Nexcom IoT Gateway

An intelligent IoT gateway based on Intel Quark and Intel IoT Gateway platform Moon Island. Designed to connect to sensor networks, it emphasizes providing flexible connections between sensor nodes and the customerís cloud for enabling intelligent big data analysis and data-driven decision making. The series is rugged by design and intended for critical industrial environments in which sensor nodes or I/O devices are deployed. With its modular design, it can be flexibly configured with different protocol-ready modules to communicate with end sensors or I/O nodes, or it can also connect to cloud servers through wireless 3G/Wi-Fi, wired LAN networks or cloud-ready API integration. The technology-based board support package (BSP) from Intel and Wind River integrates the operating systems and communication protocols, as well as security protection mechanism from McAfee to ensure ease of deployment and secure connectivity.

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