Versa FlexVNF

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Versa FlexVNF



Versa FlexVNF
is a multi-service, multi-tenant software platform built from ground up on cloud principles to deliver scale, segmentation, programmability and automation. The software allows customers to deploy a broad spectrum of software-defined solutions from SD-Routing, SD-Security and Secure SD-WAN. Regardless of where each function is deployed, all network and security functions are provisioned and managed centrally through the Versa Director single-pane-of-management platform.

FlexVNF provides both networking and security functions in a single software along with service chaining capabilities. These capabilities include networking and security, context-aware policy, zero-touch provisioning, full multi-tenancy, service chaining and scalability/elasticity.

To learn more about Versa's FlexVNF features and functions, read our data sheet.

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