LiteSwitch x96 Photonic Switch

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LiteSwitch x96 Photonic Switch

All-optical switching is an emerging technology that is enabling growth in data centers because photonic or all-optical switches enable:

Software defined networking makes all layers of the network programmable. A foundational step in the evolution to SDN is to automate and bring under software control fiber link provisioning and restoration.
The amortized capital cost (the fully equipped cost in dollars divided by the fully equipped capacity in bits per second) of an optical switch is reduced, especially as data rates increase to 100 Gbps and beyond. This holds true even as data center operators move toward bare-metal switches.
An optical switch consumes three orders of magnitude less energy.
The photonic switch is used to establish direct-express links for heavy traffic flows, which provides a reduced hop-count, reduced latency path and frees up packet switch resources for more numerous, smaller flows. This reduces congestion and improves quality of service for all flows.
Photonic switches are bit-rate, protocol and wavelength independent, making them adaptable and as data transmission rates progress to 100 Gbps and beyond.

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