Intraway Machine to Machine (M2M) Platform

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Intraway Machine to Machine (M2M) Platform



Intraway's Machine to Machine (M2M) Platform
is a centralized, scalable platform that allows operators to manage devices and SIMs easily and transparently. The solution is used to manage a providerís requirements, from fulfillment to monitoring and fault resolution of M2M devices. Additionally, our solution features intelligent adapters which provide abstraction across multiple devices and data sources that facilitate agile M2M application development. M2M has already passed through Gartnerís hype cycle and is now ready for implementation.

Features include:

* Middleware linking devices/mobile network and applications
* Simplifies operation and connections to applications
* Improves time-to-market
* Global insight of service area coverage
* Flexible reporting and statistics
* Allows forecasting of services being utilized
* Open, flexible and customizable architecture designed to meet Service Providerís business requirements
CSR ďIntelligentĒ Web Site designed to assist customer support representatives identify, easily understand and provide effective solutions for customer service issues.

To learn more about our IoT middleware, read our brochure.

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