ServiceNow Platform

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ServiceNow Platform

An application-platform-as-a-service (aPaaS) that automates processes and replaces software deployments with service delivery in the cloud. Enable users to communicate on tasks via real-time chatting and document delivery for a complete plan of record. Remove bottlenecks and integrate the processes and activities between people and systems. Build and maintain a single system of record to gain actionable insight and understand the impact of changes on configuration items. Develop cloud-native business apps that replace manual tasks and unstructured messaging for a consumer-like service experience. Create task boards with an interactive drag and drop interface in real time from a single central view. Consumerize the IT service experience with an intuitive, familiar, consumer-like storefront for users. Capture knowledge from across the organization and package it to make it readily available for shared use. Generate adhoc snapshots of current data and save, share, publish or export any report as needed. Provide a native mobile experience, designed and optimized for the worker on the go. Improve services and processes across the enterprise by providing actionable insights on a daily basis.

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