Samsung Artik

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Samsung Artik

An open platform that provides essential hardware and software building blocks to develop new enterprise, industrial and consumer IoT applications. Developers can focus on areas of expertise in designing new applications and services, including:

* Support for OSs, including Tizen, Nucleus Real Time OS and the open source Fedora Linux stack and Snappy Ubuntu Core.
* A range of tools and services for IoT, including Arduino web-based development environment and Temboo, which enables cloud connectivity and automatic code generation.
* Microsoft has certified compatibility with the Azure IoT Suite and IoT Hub. Developers can ake advantage of the Azure Platform SDKs to create end-to-end implementations of common IoT scenarios. Together with Samsung SAMIIO, the Open Data Exchange platform that makes it easy to collect and share data from any device and in any format, developers now have more tools to build innovative cloud-based apps and services for IoT.
* Security is a critical attribute for IoT devices. Hardware-based security is added into every module and extended into its capabilities by working with industry leading security partners. Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) is provided with Trustonic. It also allows users and trusted services to safely install and run new applications and TEE-enabled devices and sensors in the field. This increases the usefulness of products and services that rely on a growing ecosystem of secure, connected devices for IoT users.

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