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A high-speed probe designed for emerging software defined (SDN) and virtualized networks. It monitors IP-based voice, video, audio and data streams at Gigabit rates, performing deep packet inspection (DPI) and providing accurate and detailed real-time service quality metrics, usage and demographic data. Incorporates VQmon, a real-time QoE analysis technology. Scales from 5 Mbps to 10 Gbps capacity based on available CPU resources and configured capacity limits. Performance scales with the number of CPU cores available, achieving 1-2 million packets per second per core. The pure software application runs on off-the-shelf hardware or in virtualized environments Typically deployed on industry standard 32- or 64-bit Linux/Intel systems. Other operating systems and processor types can be supported on request.

Deploy on servers, in virtualized data centers/NFV or embedded into networking equipment. It is efficient in its use of memory and CPU and can co-exist with other applications. Supports IPv4 and IPv6 up to three levels of stacked VLANs and a variety of VLAN configurations. Able to analyze encrypted VoIP and videoconferencing over secure RTP and to analyze encrypted (scrambled) IPTV streams.

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