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Veriflow began with a simple but challenging question: why canít todayís networks function with the same availability, security and canít-fail precision as engineering efforts like Mars rovers? Our breakthrough came with the development of continuous network verification, which builds a deep understanding of network infrastructure to model and mathematically verify network-wide policies, providing intuitive, actionable insight. Veriflow is the first networking company to leverage this technology to eliminate network outages and vulnerabilities which can lead to astronomical losses.

To learn more about our company, watch our company overview video, or our video on intent-based networking.

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Read our white paper on the key ingredient to achieving operational excellence: network verification. Read to explore Veriflow's insights into how to gain awareness into the entire enterprise network as a coherent system; ensure the network performs as intended and aligns with business objectives; leverage a DevOps workflow approach to ensure that network changes are integrated, delivered and managed in a continuous, closed-loop fashion; and employ continuous network verification to provide automated network verification.


To learn more about the new approach of formal verification, watch our webinar.

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