Xpression Safeload

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Xpression Safeload

A digital payments software solution that builds on Diebold’s Mobile Cash Access (MCA). Through MCA, consumers can access cash at the ATM via quick-response (QR) code or near-field communication (NFC). SafeLoad adds a new layer of security to the process.

“Yellow Path” fraud, which occurs when card-not-present data is uploaded and used for fraudulent activity, is on the rise. SafeLoad enables card onboarding at the ATM, using the terminal as a secure authenticator that verifies consumers by their card entry in tandem with PIN entry. This dual authentication provides another layer of fraud protection.

SafeLoad employs host card emulation (HCE) technology, which maintains sensitive payment information at the server level, as opposed to on a user’s phone. This harnesses cloud-based storage and tokenization technology for added security.

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