Arrayent Connect Platform

Product Name
Arrayent Connect Platform

Provides an end-to-end solution to develop, deliver and support connected devices that can be remotely managed from anywhere. Consists of three components:

* Arrayent Connect Cloud: An Internet of Things operating system that hosts cloud-based virtual devices that serve as digital copies of physical devices that can be managed remotely through mobiles apps. The Arrayent Connect Agent is firmware that sits on the product (or hub). It manages the communication to and from the Arrayent Connect Cloud. The Arrayent Mobile Framework develops user-friendly smartphone apps. It includes an M2M platform web service API and interfaces to enable building of customized, secure apps that manage connected devices and appliances.

* Arrayent DataAdaptor Service: Provides secure access to customer and product data in a variety of formats that are compatible with all major data analytics environments. Views include point-in-time, event-based and data model-based.

* Arrayent EcoAdaptor Service: Enables customers to expand business beyond stand-alone product silos to become part of service-oriented systems.

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