NetYCE 7.x

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NetYCE 7.x



NetYCE 7.x is the ultimate framework for hybrid network automation. The platform, designed on the principles of design driven networking, enables full control over all network and configurations changes, and the ability to deploy intent-based changes in a controllable and automated way. In short, deploy your networks "as-designed."

* Modeling: translate specific designs and engineering steps in vendor-agnostic executable models
* Build abstraction: prepare your intended changes in a vendor-agnostic, data oriented structure
* Create from templates: generate vendor specific configurations from data-driven templates
* Deploy from validation: deploy in production with validation scenarios to gain full change control
* Manage configurations and OS: back-up, compare and restore production and templated configs and OS
* Operate: operate all your network changes from one unified application
* Integrate: restful API for integration with third party OSS/BSS and NMS applications
* Orchestrate: end to end orchestration for device, network and service changes
* Maintain: prepare and maintain network lifecycle changes from one application
* As designed: full control over your deployed network as designed

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