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is a platform for the design and execution of micro intelligences that execute closed-loop operations for composite services. It provides model-based autonomous operations and zero-touch assurance, healing, optimization, maintenance, compliance and upgrade for all services. StratOS takes a top-down approach to automation, encapsulating the business goals of the services, continuously measuring the KPIs required to understand performance and driving the services and infrastructure to meet the changing conditions. Because it is goal-seeking and is driven by both KPIs and events, StratOS can automate an entire enterprise step by step.

It offers closed-loop assurance for offers and services with stateful management of operations of all virtual, physical and software components involved in the lifecycle. StratOS has full understanding of the elements, including their health, can manage their full operational lifecycle and never loses the broader context of offer and customer. StratOS assures the full, end-to-end operational SLA for the service.

The powerful abstraction layers of StratOS converge infrastructure and reuse existing controllers and automation, while decoupling micro intelligences for portability. This makes operational designs portable across suppliers, technologies and clouds and enables users to mix and match resources, orchestrators, VNFs, controllers, stacks and clouds to suit individual needs, while unifying assurance, healing and policy-based operation. Its powerful visualization tools enable continuous improvement of intelligent operations.

Just as StratOS takes in telemetry to make decisions about health, remediation and assurance, StratOS can take in telemetry to make real time decisions about optimization. Connect StratOS to information from your analytics platform, APM system, BD, cost database or any relevant system, and you can establish closed-loop optimizations to go along with your closed-loop assurance.

StratOS is extensible and enables you to embrace, control and take information from a wide variety of domains.

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Case Studies

Read Sea Street's latest case studies. One recent case study illustrates how a top US MSO's video operations were impacted by the Sea Street platform. Another recent case study explains how Sea Street worked with a Tier-1 Telco to eliminate 80% of the cost per kilobit across its network, while improving new product times to market and service reliability.

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