Aqsacom Lawful Cyber Interception System (ALIS)

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Aqsacom Lawful Cyber Interception System (ALIS)


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Aqsacom Lawful Cyber Interception System (ALIS)
is a centralized mediation platform managing Lawful Cyber Interception for voice and data networks, covering PSTN, VoIP, CDMA, WCDMA, GSM, GPRS, LTE, VoLTE, IMS, IP, xDSL, Satellite, E-Mail and other new communication technologies. As the most flexible cyber interception management system on the market, the customer benefits include:

* One point of presence for LI management to ensure state-of-the art security and reliability, even in mixed networking environments covering a diversity of equipment vendors and services
* Solution scalability to support growth in network size, bandwidth and services by the Communication Services Providers (CSPs)
* Solution flexibility to adapt to Law Enforcement requirements
* Solution reliability and high availability to ensure against system outage

ALISí seamless network integration, distributed architecture and centralized management frees the CSPs from managing multiple proprietary network equipment and solutions for lawful cyber interception. At the same time, with ALIS, evolutions within the CSPís network remain transparent to law enforcement. The ALIS platform is easy to use and requires minimal operator training, which substantially reduces the direct cost of performing Lawful Cyber Interception tasks. Collectively, ALISí features optimize operational and recurring CSP costs.

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