Apptium Customer eXperience Platform

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Apptium Customer eXperience Platform

The Apptium Customer eXperience Platform (CxP) provides usability, simplicity, speed and accessibility. CxP is an Omni-Channel solution that simplifies how customers do business and improves how enterprises deliver solutions. The CxP optimizes the customer journey at each step in the loop, from Need and Research, to Maintain and Replace. Using CxP, improve reliability and performance, and reduce time to market for new products and applications.

The platform components include:

* Rapid Application Development: Design and develop web application using visual WYSIWYG and WISIWYP drag and drop operations. Developers can generate application code and extend it further using an IDE (e.g., Eclipse).
* Workflow and Orchestration: Apptium simplifies and automates operations in order to reduce costs and improve business agility. The platform can be rapidly deployed and tailored to meet diverse and fast-changing requirements.
* Rapid Integration: The platform seamlessly integrates with web services APIs (REST and SOAP), as well as with on-premise core IT Systems such as Identity Management, Version Control, Email, Notification Systems and monitoring systems.
* Machine Learning: Apptium supports the ability to input and analyze text from structured/unstructured data sources. Apptium’s EPortal Platform makes it easy to build sophisticated, large scale machine learning models that cover a broad set of scenarios from building sophisticated regression models to other classifications.
* Big Data and Rich Analytics: The platform includes drag & drop chart widgets for visual insights from data. Then, tie them to data from other systems via APIs to create powerful, custom dashboards.
* Zero DevOps and Cloud Ready: The Apptium solution generates code that is standards compliant without any proprietary dependencies. This enables greater innovation and faster time to market applications.

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