Apigee Edge

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Apigee Edge

Intelligent API management that can manage, secure, scale and analyze APIs. It's
built on Java and provides secure access to services with a well-defined API that is consistent across all services, regardless of service implementation. Rather than having app developers consume services directly, they access an API proxy created on Edge. The API proxy functions as a mapping of a publicly available HTTP endpoint to the backend service. By creating an API proxy, Edge handles the security and authorization tasks required to protect services, as well as to analyze, monitor, and monetize those services.

Because app developers make HTTP requests to an API proxy, rather than directly to the services, developers do not need to know anything about the implementation of the services. The API proxy isolates the app developer from the backend service. Therefore, the service implementation can be changed as long as the public API remains consistent. By maintaining a consistent frontend API, existing client apps will continue to work regardless of changes on the backend.

Policies on the API proxy can add functionality to a service without having to make any changes to the backend service. For example, policies can be added to the proxy to perform data transformations and filtering, add security, execute conditional logic or custom code and to perform many other actions. The important thing to remember is to implement policies on Edge, not on the backend server.

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