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ADVA Optical Networking
is a telecommunications vendor that provides network equipment for data, storage, voice and video services. Our products are the building blocks for tomorrow’s networks, enabling the transport of increasing amounts of data across the globe. From the access to the metro core to the long haul, we create intelligent, software-automated solutions that will provide future generations with networks that can scale to meet increasing bandwidth demands.

Case Study

When a division of a nationwide bank needed to deploy new security equipment for its web services, it found itself having to balance its device management needs with corporate IT physical security guidelines that limit access to equipment sitting outside of its network security perimeter. The solution – our out-of-band remote management solution using advanced console servers. Read our case study to learn how Accenture solved the bank's security needs.


Watch our video to learn the answer to the question, "How important is flash technology in business continuity networks?" Storage area networks are rapidly moving to flash-based technologies. This shift threatens to cause data bottlenecks in the network. ADVA's Stephan Rettenberger assesses the situation and examines how you can best meet your business continuity and disaster recovery needs.

Key Acquisitions
Acquired MRV Communications in July 2017.
Acquired Overture Networks Inc. in January 2016.

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Ulrich Kohn
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Scott St. John
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