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Telecom Council (TC)
is built around a legacy group called the Service Provider's Investment Forum (SPIF) that was formed in 2001 by Rob Hull of British Telecom, Ursula Oesterle of Swisscom, Rob Trice of Nokia Venture Partners and Ian Foley of Telecom Italia Mobile as a monthly lunch discussion on telecom issues, hot startups and trends. With the help of The Kerton Group, the SPIF grew quickly to more than 10 carriers, outgrew restaurants and moved into conference rooms. By 2004, we added quarterly meetings to include telecom vendors, which added Samsung, Sony, Motorola, Qualcomm, and Intel's venture groups among others. By 2006, prominent local wireless VC Tim Chang had recognized the value of the SPIF to his portfolio companies and suggested that a community should be built with the SPIF as the “anchor tenant”. Tim and Liz Kerton drew the first rough plan for the Council on a napkin at Michaels at Shoreline. In the fall of 2007, the plan was set in motion.

Today, the Telecom Council of Silicon Valley has 4 Forums, including the original Service Provider Forum, and our membership has grown to include startups, VCs, infrastructure companies, and companies who are not based in Silicon Valley but work here regularly.


Innovation Showcase is an annual search for communications startups who demonstrate not only innovative solutions that can change the way people communicate, but also a viable means to bring that solution to market. All they need to really take off is the right introductions to the right strategic partners.

While there are many competitions out there for startups setting out on their entrepreneurial journey, the Telecom Council’s Innovation Showcase is designed to discover market-ready communications startups, with deployment-ready technologies, and introduce them to industry partners best placed to help them take their business to the next stage. With 10 years of experience of introducing communications startups to communications service providers and vendors, the Telecom Council, through its ComTech Forum, Service Provider Forum and IoT Forum, has helped countless young companies take off.

Our search for the Innovation Showcase Class of 2019 will start in January. Contact us for more information on Sponsorship, becoming a Judge, or being one of the startups participating at the Innovation Showcase Demo Day 2019.

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