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delivers cutting-edge service assurance software solutions to some of the largest and most innovative mobile, wireline and enterprise network providers in the world. CENX harnesses the power of network automation and real-time visualization to enable our customers to deliver the quality and leading digital services their networks demand. CENX provides a patented, scalable solution that allows service providers to assure services across multi-domain, multi-vendor and inter-carrier networks. A single solution that can troubleshoot faults and manage network performance in real time, across both physical and virtual network infrastructures. We are powering the future of digital services by assuring tomorrow’s networks, today.

Case Study

A Tier 1 converged operator service provider was undertaking a massive transformation to NFV. They were facing the challenges of complexity in the data center and network domains, and needed a way to navigate the dynamic topology of these networks. They turned to CENX to provide closed-loop intelligence across the service provider's network, and a different approach for moving away from traditional OSS. Read our case study to learn how the service provider benefitted from choosing CENX for their closed-loop intelligence needs.

White Paper

Read "Future-Proof Service Assurance: Automation for 5G & Beyond", a white paper produced for CENX, that provides a comprehensive overview of the challenges that 5G poses for service providers and how service assurance systems supported by automation and machine learning will help address them. It also explores network slicing, implementing machine learning and closed-loop automation.

Key Acquisitions
Sept 2018: Ericsson agreed to acquire 100 percent of the shares in CENX, boosting Ericsson’s Operations Support Systems (OSS) portfolio with vendor-agnostic service assurance and closed-loop automation capability.

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Maria Fiala Timlin
(613) 569-3644
[email protected]

Michaela Radman
(406) 305-6577
[email protected]

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