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Agile Alliance
is a nonprofit organization committed to supporting people who explore and apply Agile values, principles and practices to make building software solutions more effective, humane and sustainable. Our membership consists of a thriving and diverse community of people who share those interests. Our membership and staff enable the Alliance to provide a global set of resources, events and communities to help people reach their full potential and deliver innovative solutions like never before.

Agile Alliance undertakes a variety of activities to build an inclusive global community, advance the breadth and depth of Agile, and provide value to members. Those activities include:

* Conferences that bring the Agile community together face to face
* A website full of information about Agile and the Agile Community
* Membership that provides access to valuable resources created by community members
* Initiatives that address specific areas of interest in the Agile Community and provide support for Local Community Groups


Watch our webinar discussing a common complaint among firms trying, and failing, to drive profitable growth from Agile implementations: that short-term quarterly pressures prevent them from making longer-term investments. In this interactive, in-person webinar, Columbia Business School Professor Rita McGrath, Steve Denning and Ray Arell discuss how to develop and implement a strategy for profitable innovation in uncertain and volatile environments.

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