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EvoNexus is an incubator and hub for Southern California’s startup community that is designed to accelerate the growth and success of entrepreneurial companies. It is supported with Class A office space and facilities by California’s leading real estate developer, Irvine Company, and financially by global technology and life science corporations. These relationships make it possible for EvoNexus to take zero equity or fees from incubating startups and help grow Southern California’s innovation economy.

In addition to the tech incubator, EvoNexus provides various, high-value events and programs, such as MarketLink, Special Interest Groups and Headliners. MarketLink connects tech industry giants with emerging technology companies across the globe. Selected companies meet with top executives in an hour-long, 1 on 1 setting to discuss potential partnership opportunities. This comes at no cost to the applicant. During Headliners, nationally and internationally renowned keynote speakers and panelists feature topics on current industry trends and technology road maps. Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are panel events that are comprised of eight vertical technology sectors. They are in a setting that allows for more intimate interaction and networking.

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