IoT Gateway SysDK

Product Name
IoT Gateway SysDK

Customers can purchase the gateway out-of-the-box and customize it, or the design can be customized by Mentor. Includes full support for the reference board and can be customized to enable secure boot and hardware-enforced secure gateway partitions using ARM TrustZone, which enables secure applications, such as certificate management and secure remote firmware upgrades. The integration of cloud middleware supports the functionality provided from the cloud backend.

Customizable and secure edge devices can be built on a number of industry standard runtime environments. Enables remote provisioning, management and monitoring of global deployments, from small to global enterprises, as well as event logging, firmware updates, remote driver install/update, remote feature unlocking and data collection for analytics. Mobile applications provide service access and remote management. End-to-end security is provided for data communications, access control, software execution and intrusion detection. Device security for IoT edge devices is provided by Icon Labsí Floodgate Security Framework, and security integration with enterprise IT infrastructure is provided by Icon Labsí Floodgate for McAfee ePO. These capabilities can be leveraged by customers to securely provision and manage the gateway and connected edge devices.

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