ProVIDE Technology

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ProVIDE Technology

The protocol view for integrated development environments created for IoT and embedded device developers. Combines two test and debug methods: software IDE and protocol analysis, which provide system developers with additional control and observability by extending the IDE debug capabilities to allow for analyzing and visualizing both internal and external buses and interfaces. Enables correlation between software and behavior on the communications channel. Provides capture, analyze and visualization of traffic on external interfaces and buses. PlugINs available for the most common IDE software tools. IoT and embedded software developers extend common practices like reading registers, memory content, variable values and signal states to also view the entire control and data flow on external signal interfaces and buses as code executes. The protocol analysis and decoding can be customized to include automatic decoding of proprietary fields and/or structures and can be used for both higher-level application analysis, as well as low-level debugging.

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