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An intelligently architected cloud delivers results in performance. A big part of that performance relies on virtual servers with reserved compute resources. This approach results in the optimal high level of performance, regardless of the time of day or day of the year. Properly configured servers effectively support applications, enabling them to scale. Best-of-breed partners are used to configure the best server options for each customer, and then security options are added. Issues like firewall settings and legal and compliance concerns are designed and built from the ground up. The network is a fully redundant, high performance network that features multiple Tier 1 fiber providers and runs through enterprise-class hardware. There is no single point of failure throughout the entire system, so if one provider or one piece of hardware experiences an issue, there will be no impact on connectivity. Finally, the amount of storage needed depends upon backups, snapshots, replication and the ability to access all of it at a momentís notice from any location or device. A scalable storage platform is used to ensure this is possible. The storage system utilizes technologies that employ advanced caching for greater performance and optimized snapshots for faster and less hungry capacity consumption.

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