M64/64T: Managed Timing Engine Module Ordinary Clock

Product Name
M64/64T: Managed Timing Engine Module Ordinary Clock

High-capacity mobile networks, smart grid, wireless sensor networks and the Internet of Things require precise time and frequency synchronization. The module is a full packet network-based synchronization engine that is designed for such end-point applications. It can be integrated into an existing communication path, has standard interfaces, low latency, fully-transparent data communications at gigabit speed and makes integration into a host system simple. It operates at low power and can run as a master or slave. As a slave, it uses algorithms to extract time from a PTP input stream and produces stable frequency and time outputs. As a master, it generates PTP, frequency and phase outputs acting and also is capable of utilizing multi-sync inputs. It is capable of synchronizing 8 slaves at 16 packets per second and can scale to 128 slaves at 128 packets per second.

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