IMST LoRa iC880A Concentrator Module

Product Name
IMST LoRa iC880A Concentrator Module

A fully certified module that provides a set of firmware options for media access and networking. Operating in the 868 MHz frequency band and measuring 79.8 67.3 mm, key features include:

* Sensitivity down to -138 dBm
* Output power to 20 dBm
* USB or SPI interface with optional GPS, SX1301 baseband processor
* 2 SX1257 Tx/Rx front-ends
* 49 LoRa demodulators
* 1(G)FSK demodulator
* 8+1+1 parallel demodulation paths for LoRa and GFSK demodulation.

A complete LoRa explorer kit is available for networking trials, and firmware is available for the MAC and networking features.

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