Nextgen Cloud Exchange

Product Name
Nextgen Cloud Exchange

Integrates private networking with cloud services, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS). Includes access to AWS Direct Connect, which enables a private connection between existing infrastructure to AWS and puts the cloud into the WAN. overcome the costs associated with having to maintain a rack and cross connects at the data centre which hosts the AWS Gateway. Reach the AWS resource privately using a national network footprint. Benefits include:

* One Service: Fully managed connectivity from premises to Amazon Web Services resources.
* One Simple Interface: Portal is designed to provide user control. Provides order connectivity, access performance reporting, support and track usage to plan for changing bandwidth needs.
* One Network: A carrier-grade national network delivers mission-critical services.
* Secure Connection: Connectivity is provided across a private network.
* Improved Performance: When compared to the internet, where latency can be affected by numerous factors beyond the control of the network provider.

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