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Cumulus Linux
is a powerful open network operating system that allows you to automate, customize and scale using web-scale principles like the world's largest data centers. Cumulus Linux is the only solution that allows you to affordably build and efficiently operate your network like the world’s largest data center operators, unlocking vertical network stacks. Choose from 70+ compatible hardware platforms based on your needs and your budget; expect faster IT delivery with native integration and best-of-breed tools for automation, monitoring, analytics and more; and benefit from network protection with with industry-standard security features plus added precautions exclusive to Cumulus Linux.

Technology we innovated in-house to make your life easier:

* OSPF Unnumbered: create configs faster by no longer depending on unique IP addresses, which simplifies automation.
* BGP Unnumbered: automation gets even easier with this simplified IP approach. All you need is one IP template for leaf nodes and one for the spine nodes.
* Redistribute Neighbor: get VM and host mobility by plugging in your server into any RDNBR switch making it L3 discoverable on the fabric. If you have any need to move the server, there’s no need to reconfigure.
* Prescriptive Topology Manager (PTM): efficiently go from whiteboard to physical cable. With PTM, you can program your data center to verify connections and resolve issues faster.
* Virtual Routing and Forwarding: run multiple network paths without the need for multiple switches, giving you traffic isolation and network segmentation for multiple devices.
* Lightweight Network Virtualization (LNV): accelerate VXLAN deployments with a controllerless solution.
* Ethernet Virtual Private Networks (EVPN): get freedom from L2 complexities with this modern, standards-based, interoperable technology that allows legacy layer 2 applications to operate over next-generation layer 3 networks.
* Network Command Line Utility (NCLU): use our rich and simple command line for easy network configuration and operation.

To learn more about Cumulus Linux, read our datasheet, product overview and white paper.

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