Accanto StratOSS

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Accanto StratOSS



is a cloud native product, designed to deliver web-scale levels of operational automation for the cloud-based networking world – both to telco and enterprise service providers. A new OSS “in the control plane”, StratOSS automates the ongoing operational lifecycle of virtual network services from onboarding to ongoing maintenance.

Leveraging movements such as DevOps and tools such as behavior driven testing from the enterprise IT community, combined with Accanto’s unique intent-based orchestration engine, we have proven that we can achieve 30 times less operational effort for ongoing maintenance of virtual network services. StratOSS offers this automation in three stages: intent driven orchestration, AI-powered diagnostics and behavior driven testing.

Increasing complexity in NFV can place additional demand on scarce skill sets, breaking the business case. Watch ‘Engineer Jack’ and ‘Operations Jill’ demonstrate how StratOSS can solve the problem in our video.

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