Acorn Technologies hellaPHY RSTD

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Acorn Technologies hellaPHY RSTD

hellaPHY RSTD is an advanced signal processing algorithm that is designed to improve LTE wireless network indoor and outdoor location accuracy and offers extreme performance in an efficient low-power DSP implementation. It is designed to be a drop-in replacement for existing Reference Signal Time Difference (RSTD) algorithms in User Equipment (UE) chipsets and can be customized for any unique DSP or interface requirements. The hellaPHYtm RSTD IP core is designed to support advanced LTE features contemplated by operators as well as for LTE Release 14 including PRS muting, CRS plus PRS transmit diversity, and fractional Ts reporting. The hellaPHYtm RSTD IP core is scalable and can support CAT-M through CAT-15. hellaPHY RSTD IP core addresses new FCC E911 indoor location accuracy requirements, and opens the door for low-cost IoT wireless network positioning solutions.

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