Bittium IoT & Wearables Solutions

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Bittium IoT & Wearables Solutions

Provides customized, secure IoT solutions and engineering services for industrial, healthcare and wearable sports device manufacturers.
Offering consists of end-to-end development services and all components of the solution, such as devices with sensors and wireless radios, applications, cloud-based services, device management and maintenance. Solutions are based on appropriate device platforms, which can be customized according to customer needs and industry-specific requirements.

IoT architecture consists of:

* Device level includes all IoT devices in the system, including sensors, sensor network, actuators and monitoring devices
* Connectivity includes the connection of IoT devices to the service by wireless or wired means. It also covers the device to device connections
* Service is provided to the end user and is enabled by the IoT network
* Analytics includes the analysis, data visualization, data processing and alarm notifications associated with a specific service
* Security is an end-to-end feature that includes encryption, authentication, privacy and access authorization
* Device management refers to maintenance and management of the devices present in the IoT system, including provisioning, software updates, diagnostics gathering and activation/deactivation of services
* Delivery is external connectivity to the other systems.

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