M2M Billing Solution

Product Name
M2M Billing Solution

Enables customers (corporate customers, M2M service providers, etc.) to track SIM cards in devices. Tracks SIMs regardless of location or form factor (standard, micro or chip). Components include:

* M2M API module enables management, monitoring and control.
* Provisioning and Request Manager provides integration of telecom equipment (switches, access points) and service provisioning platforms (voice mail, prepaid systems, PayTV platforms, VAS platforms) with information systems that keep data on service and subscriber statuses into a single solution.
* M2M Web provides a graphical interface for SIM management.
* Online Rating takes service usage data and applies rates to calculate charges in real time.
* Online Charging enables real-time balance control and service status management.
* M2M Core automates core business processes involving М2М technology, including connection and SIM management and monitoring.

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