Advantech EIS-D110

Product Name
Advantech EIS-D110

EIS-D110 is an entry level Edge Intelligence Server software and hardware integrated solution for IoT and cloud applications that provides a ready-to-run system (Intel Celeron J1900 platform with WES7E/Win 10 Enterprise) and WISE-PaaS software package, including IoT foundational block. For IoT developers, EIS-D110 provides WISE-Agent and protocol plug-in SDK for IoT data collection and conversion, and built-in Node-RED for smart data processing and logic flow design. It also provides pre-configured Azure packages on WISE-PaaS Marketplace for cloud connection. EIS-D110 offers a complete solution for IoT data collection and intelligence creation from end device, edge network, to the cloud. With it, build and land IoT Application with innovation and an integration solution.

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