Symphony Compute

Product Name
Symphony Compute

Enables users to create and manage VMs based on choice of image and selected CPU, memory and storage sizing.


* Cloud-Optimized Hypervisor with unified and complete virtualization for compute, storage and networking. Universal computing provides the freedom and flexibility to choose how to package and deploy workloads using VMs or containers. No need for third party software
* Actively redistributes loads to ensure performance during entire lifecycle
* Identifies failures for timely and automatic re-launch
* Admins can allocate compute capacity to tenants, including number of cores, instances and RAM, monitor consumption and adjust quota as demand changes
* Easily customize cloud applications by automatically applying user data to a new instance
* Full control over workload policies to ensure that workloads that require low latency are placed in vicinity, while workloads that require scale out or resiliency are placed on different resource pools or failure domains

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