Akamai Cloud Networking Suite

Product Name
Akamai Cloud Networking Suite

A suite of network services built upon the Akamai Intelligent Platform to ensure application and network performance, reliability and security for branch users connecting to any SaaS and cloud applications over the Internet. Gives network service providers and branch infrastructure vendors building blocks to extend existing offerings to meet the hybrid networking requirements of enterprise customers.


Internet Transport Optimization: SLA-backed route and TCP optimization with forward error correction to provide packet delivery over the Internet
SaaS & Cloud Acceleration: Caching, deduplication, QoS and Internet transport optimization to provide acceleration for any SaaS or Cloud application
Secure Web Gateway: Cloud-based outbound web filtering and inbound malware protection with full identity integration to maintain enterprise security and compliance without impacting performance.
Network Onramps: Directs traffic and can include caching, de-duplication and QoS
Cloud Management and Orchestration: APIs and orchestration framework to provide rapid service provisioning, real-time visibility, technical support integration and all aspects of billing workflow

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